Sanitary Sistas

According to a survey conducted in 2010 by Stats SA, at least 60% of South African girls and women cannot afford to purchase any form of sanitary protection. As a consequence young girls may lose up to 50 days of schooling per year, in an already pressurised education system.

Lack of proper sanitation and running water combined with the unhygienic containment methods often create the perfect environment for infections to set in and a vicious cycle begins.

With a view to empowering the future businesswomen the BWA has launched SaniSisters with the objective of providing young women with sanitary protection.

Branches adopt schools in each region to partner with on the programme.

Building our Future Business Leaders

Since 2001 the Durban branch of the Businesswomen’s Association has presented a workshop on 9 August (Women’s Day) for approximately 500 female grade 12 learners from mainly previously disadvantaged schools. The workshop provides the “businesswomen of tomorrow” with the necessary skills to make a success of their future entrance into the business world.

This project is the largest social responsibility project of the BWA in Durban and is sponsored in its entirety. Past event topics include “If you believe, you can achieve your dreams” and “Building our future women leaders”. Each girl receives a ‘memory bag’ to commemorate the day, which contains gifts such as stationery, consumer goods, books and accessories.

As professional businesswomen, we recognize that many promising young ladies may never be afforded the opportunity to learn how to make informed career choices, manage their finances and be inspired by successful women. Through initiatives such as this workshop, we hope to increase private, public sector partnership by encouraging the private sector to sponsor events of this nature as well as encouraging professionals (both in the private and public sector) to speak to school girls to inspire them to reach their full potential and achieve success as they journey towards womanhood in our beautiful country.To watch the joy and excitement on the girl’s faces is priceless.

Summary and Format:    

This full day workshop takes a lot of time and energy but is well worth the effort. The day includes speakers addressing a number of workplace related topics, entertainment and a lot of fun. Markers ensure all 300 essays are marked and rated by the end of the day and prizes are awarded to the top 10.

Target Audience:

Grade 12 Students from the Durban Schools

Benefit to Members:

Members can contribute their expertise through assisting with sponsorship, marking of essays, addressing the girls, or providing catering. A fantastic opportunity to contribute to our future leaders.

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