Businesswomen #10: Transformative tools for a powerful You

Date: Thursday, 11th May 2017

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Transformative tools for a powerful You




BWA South Africa has given 2017 the theme, Women with no filter: ‘Truth to myself and truth to you.”

Women with no filter are a rare breed.  Often misjudged, they are typically labelled as intimidating or too opinionated but in truth they are a force to be reckoned with, trail blazers who bring out the best in others.

Here is a short quiz.  Answer these questions to find out if you are a woman with no filter.  The more you answer ‘Yes’ the more of a woman with no filter you are.

  1. Do people always come to you for advice because they and they count on you to be honest even if means that you have to answer an extremely uncomfortable question?
  2. Is your life is a conscious battle in not crossing the line between being honest versus being inappropriate?
  3. Do you occasionally unsettle people with how openly you talk about your life and your personal experiences?
  4. Do you find that for you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions are not an option? Everything requires an explanation, and you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that you will never change.
  5. Do you dread going to parties or social gatherings, because it is entirely probable you’re going to say something to upset somebody, and you will have no clue that you did until  word reaches you later at which point it’s too late to apologise?

Here are ten positive attributes of being a woman with no filter

  • They tell the truth. Women with no filter will always tell you the truth and you can count on them to tell both sides of the story.
  • They admit it when they’re wrong. If they feel like they have made a mistake or offended someone they will go out of their way to apologize and make up for it.
  • When they believe in something, they give all they have got. Women with no filter give so much of themselves by simply going for whatever they want without holding back. This is why they are an encouragement to those around them to reach for their dreams.
  • They are the person that others go to for help and support in dicey circumstances. They often become the voice of their friends or their family in trying circumstances.
  • They motivate those around them to be unapologetically themselves.  They inspire those around them to say what they feel, and face their fears.
  • They attract real, deep friendships. Women with no filter are not necessarily the most popular people, but they have a solid group of close and supportive friends.
  • They don’t know how to play games. Women with no filter don’t leave you second guessing or even questioning if they are playing a game. They are too honest, impatient and outspoken to learn how to play politics.
  • Their love is one of a kind. Intensely loyal, women with no filter are not shallow, they do not judge or discriminate because they know all too well how it feels to be judged or misunderstood.
  • They know how to handle fear. Women with no filter are not fearless, but they do know how to face their fears. They are bold enough to put themselves in uncomfortable situations.  
  • Newsflash! Women with no filter are actually sensitive. Because they are happy to share personal experiences expose themselves, people tend to forget that they can be vulnerable too. 

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