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Regionally, branch committees work tirelessly to create opportunities to expose members to a range of business and personal success models. It is their voluntary participation in committees and advisory boards and their championing of key projects that has enabled the BWA to translate social impact into economic value. Each branch hosts monthly events that offer an invaluable blend of networking, skills transfer opportunities and motivational speakers. Topics are carefully selected to keep abreast of industry trends and to improve members’ competitive advantage. Workshops and seminars are presented in an interactive and engaging format, ensuring women leave each event excited about a new idea, strategy or business connection.

Regional Programmes offered:

  • Skills Development Workshops: Monthly events to give women an opportunity to network and learn different personal and professional skills.
  • Fast Track2Success Programme: Aimed at young professional women, this programme offers a practical approach to understanding the business world, finding your place in it and setting your goals for success.
  • Enterprise Development Workshops: For established business owners to further grow and sustain their businesses, facilitated by subject-matter experts.
  • Businesswomen of Tomorrow: Preparing Grade 11 and 12 learners with the principles, concepts and skills to help them make a success of their entrance into the workplace.
  • Conversation with Trailblazers: Providing a platform for members to interact and engage with inspirational leaders who have succeeded in business.
  • Economic Leadership Roundtable Discussions: Encouraging women leaders to engage on different sectors of the economy and share their views regarding the future of key sectors. These sessions provide an opportunity for women to network, discuss topical issues, challenges and solutions on key areas that drive economic growth.

Mentorship Programme:

Mentoring has proven to be a significant factor in accelerating business and career development. It offers a unique
opportunity for two individuals, who otherwise might not form a relationship, to meet and transfer valuable information.
Our 6-month Mentorship Programme aims to support members growth by pairing established female businesswomen with
less experienced members so that they can set meaningful goals and cultivate their leadership competencies under the
guidance and support of the BWA.

The BWA has developed a series of practical training workshops so that members can learn from and build
on international best practice and experience, increase their economic footprint and meaningfully engage in
every sector and industry.

BWA Value: Supplier Diversity Programme

The BWA Value Chain Development for Women in Enterprise Programme is aimed at accelerating the economic growth for
women to enhance the overall quality and standard of living on the continent. This goal is achieved by facilitating
opportunities for African business women owners to grow their businesses, improve the business environment for women
entrepreneurs and increase women’s roles in public policy planning in Africa and beyond. The programme targets women
entrepreneurs to sustainably increase their revenue through the supply of goods and services to multi-national companies.

BWA Advanced: Supplier Diversity Programme – Access To Government Procurement

The BWA Advance Training programme is geared towards women entrepreneurs successfully joining the government supply chain. The training equips women entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to deliver quality services and products as preferred suppliers to the State. The focus is on creating a pool of growth orientated women who will be ready and equipped to engage in the government supply-chain. This is the training arm of the Government Procurement Research initiative that includes research on the current status of the constitutional and legislative environment regarding government spend as well as the measures being taken to actively procure from women. This will enable the BWA to have accurate information on the current status quo, which will then be used to design an economic advocacy campaign targeted at understanding and overcoming the barriers facing women with regard to government procurement.

Duke Women in Leadership Programme

The BWA is offering a Women in Leadership Course. This course is heavily subsidised to make it affordable for BWA Members. The Duke Corporate Education, Women in Leadership Programme develops those who want to participate in a meaningful way to the economic and social development of our country. The programme is designed for women in management or leadership positions who aspire to senior and executive positions within the business environment. The key themes of the programme are: How do I empower myself, How do I empower myself in my professional role and How do I empower myself within the industry that I operate in.

Programme benefits

  • Personal leadership: Networking opportunities with like-minded women to develop and support relationship building in appropriate industries and organisations.
  • Experiential learning: Participants learn by doing and processing experiences. The course is designed based on years of inside knowledge of working with leading organisations.
  • Technical Acumen: Increases the participant’s knowledge of issues of governance, financial reporting, regulation, auditing and risk management.
  • Networking: Women will develop a network of peers from diverse companies, industries and disciplines.
  • Real Work Applicability: Programme graduates will leave with skills that are practical, usable and immediately implementable.
  • Lifelong learning: The learning process teaches participants how to be curious thinkers and is the basis for continued lifetime learning over their careers.
  • Coaching: The learning process is supported by participants practicing real board scenarios with an experienced board member in a safe environment.

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