How to become a FastLane Entrepreneur

BWA is always seeking to expand its network of credible, ethical, passionate women entrepreneurs running a small business that is less than 3 years old and who wants to learn through the knowledge shared in a global network.
Are you one of these exceptional women? Yes, of course you are!
Click here to let us know if you would like to become a Member if you are:
• In agreement with the BWA values and will sign the Code of Ethics
• Have a business that is less than 3 years old
• Run your business
• Possess an abundant spirit and want to make a difference

When we hear from you:
• BWA will make contact by telephone, e-mail or in person, so that we can get to know more about you and your business and you can ask any questions you might have
• If you would like, you can also be connected to a current BWA Member to talk about her experiences of being a Member
• Then a BWA team member will discuss membership fees and member benefits
• With mutual “go-ahead” BWA will send you a formal invitation to become a FastLane Entrepreneur along with the Code of Ethics for signature
• As soon as BWA receives the paperwork, an invoice for your membership fee will be sent. Once paid, you will receive log-in details to enable access to the invigorating online and on-live world of BWA

BWA looks forward to welcoming you!